–Questions about the Property

There are always so many questions to ask about when you look at properties.  Here are just a few:


  • Are there enough closets? (I mean, really… are there EVER enough closets?)
  • Where are the outlets located?
  • Are the bedrooms large enough?
  • How is the layout of the living area?
  • Is there a dining room? If not, is there a dedicated dining space?
  • Is the kitchen large enough?
  • Does the kitchen have enough counter space?
  • Is there a pantry?
  • Is there a dishwasher?
  • Does the rental come with a washer/dryer? If not, are there hookups?
  • Are there enough windows? How is the natural light?
  • Is the yard fenced?
  • Do you see (or smell) any signs of mold or water damage?
  • Does the house look like it is well taken care of? (If not, this could be a sign of a non-responsive landlord)
  • Is there a garage? If not, where are you able to park?
  • Does the neighborhood have an HOA?  If so, will you have to pay those fees or are they included in the rent?
  • Does the house have extra storage space (attic, basement, crawl space)?
  • Does it have air conditioning? How old is the unit? Will the landlord be changing the filters?
  • Are there enough smoke detectors in the house, and are they fully functional?
  • Look at the ceiling. Are there any signs of leaks?
  • Do you see any evidence of pests or rodents under cabinets and behind sinks?
  • If possible, try going back to the house during rush hour and drive your potential commute. This will be an eye-opening experience. You might not have noticed the number of school zones or the tricky intersection when touring the house. Consider driving around on a Saturday afternoon, as well. You’ll get a sense of the neighborhood. Is it family-friendly? Pet-friendly? Are neighbors out working in their yards or walking along the sidewalks?