–Buyer Benefits

What Sets me Apart…

All Realtors have a code of ethics that we must abide by, however, the reason my customers have set me apart from the rest is that I…
  • Preview ALL homes in your feed:  After 3-4 showings WITH my customers to understand what their likes/dislikes/needs/wants are, I preview every home in my customer’s feed.  I realize two things:
    • MLS pictures are like internet dating… they’re rarely accurate, either better or worse than the real thing.
    • Your time is valuable, and spending it viewing properties that do not fit your criteria is a waste of time.
  • Am NOT commission restrictive:  I will not allow the Commission percentage of a listing to stop me from including it in your feed.  I will show every home that may fit your criteria regardless of the commission percentage due to me at Closing. 
  • Appraisal Contingency:  I believe in protecting your buying power and add an Appraisal Contingency to all sales contracts.
  • ReKeying your property after Closing:  I realize how precious your security is in your new home, so I have your new home re-keyed immediately after Closing as part of my gift to you.
  • Present at ALL inspections:  I realize that sometimes you can’t be present at ALL inspections, I will commit to being there and, if necessary, FaceTime with you so that you can participate as much as possible.
  • Seeing your property under inclement weather:  During the Closing process, I visit your property with you during inclement weather… yes, I mean rain.  Even if you are past the Inspection Period, you need to know if water drains from your new home.  If we notice issues, we can address them before the deal is done.
  • I’m your sherpa:  If the escrow check needs to be delivered to Title, I’m your gal.  Whatever needs to happen to make the transaction easier for you, let me know.

What every other Realtor SHOULD do… 

  • Be Professional:  Every Realtor is ethically bound to protect and promote the interests of their client, however most Agents protect and promote their own interests. Beware.
  • Be On-Time:  Every Realtor should be respectful of your time and be on time for all appointments.